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Spark Plugs, Torque Specs, and TSBs for the 4.6 2v Discussion in '1st Gen - 1997 - 2002' started by 0xowner, Jun 30, 2016. 2009 Ford Focus SE 2.0L Spark plug torque 1 Answer. TIMESERT ® FORD SPECIFIC PROFESSIONAL SPARK PLUG THREAD REPAIR KITS FORD SPARK PLUG THREAD REPAIR M14x1.25 KIT P/N INSERT P/N M14x1.25 FORD TRITON Commonly used for spark plug blow outs in Ford 3.0,4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 liter 2 Use the Champion torque recommendation below as a guide for tightening all spark plugs. One of the last items I want to leave not tight enough especially in a forced induction/high compression engine or strip threads in. I'm going to change the plugs on my 2012 with 97500 on the clock, and need the plug gap and torque info. We will change 4 spark plugs with the Motorcraft recommended plugs. So i ordered a new one and it was replaced. Forums > Ford Expedition Forum > 1st Gen - 1997 - 2002 > This site uses cookies. NOTE: If you have high performance alloy or aluminum heads, always use a torque wrench to eliminate any possibility of damaging the engine's internal threads. The information provided below has been estimated for standard engines: In most engines, replacement plugs can be installed without using a torque wrench but extra care should be taken to ensure the new spark plug seats and seals properly. Although changing the spark plugs in your Ford Escape is a bit different than in other passenger vehicles, it is still a fairly straightforward process. Finally i was told to replace the cylinder head. It was exactly what I thought, 4 easy ones and 4 hard ones, and the others were meh. Ford Escape 2.0L 2013, Double Platinum Spark Plug by Champion®. Torque values assume clean, dry threads. Through rigorous testing, these parts meet the strict high-quality standards of Ford Motor Company. Yes read [email protected]@@@@ In order to limit the number of Spark plug threads, and to help prevent people from breaking off plugs and such, I have decided to make this thread. 00. They are Iridium. Step-by-Step Instructions Tapered Seat Plugs. (0 members and 1 guests). Note: If using a torque wrench vs. plug wrench, please refer to the Torque Recommendations chart below. Coils and spark plugs 5 Answers. How to check or change the engine spark plugs in a 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016 Ford Escape with the EcoBoost 2.0 liter inline four cylinder turbocharged motor including the replacement part numbers and photo illustrated steps. Already bought Motorcraft plugs. Factory Plugs Canada - Champion RER8ZWYCB4 (9407) Spark Plugs, Pack of 6 price CDN$ 30. I would only guess it would be around the same tq for them. Spark plug torque setting. A tapered-seat spark plug should be tightened by 1/16th of a turn past finger tight. I think I'll remove one just to see what they look like. Also when you remove upper air manifold (air - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic I have 65000 on my 2013 and want to change plugs especially after reading the problems on the 3.5l which I also have. 2010 Ford Escape 2.5L Spark Plug Information. Have you bought the spark plugs yet? 4PC SP-530 Iridium Spark Plug AYFS-32Y-R For Ford Escape Lincoln MKZ price CDN$ 45. I'm going with the same torque as my Marauder, about 12 ft/lbs. EcoBoost (all engine sizes) - 2.0l ecoboost spark plugs - Is there a preferred spark plug and gap for the 2.0l ecoboost in an Escape. Care must be taken when torquing spark plugs, especially in softer aluminum cylinder heads. I decided to replace my spark plugs this weekend and can report that it was an extremely easy job to do on the 2.0 EcoBoost. Correct spark plug torque is the very most critical step of spark plug installation. Ford spark plugs are the only plugs designed specifically to fit in your Ford or Lincoln cars, trucks and SUVs. Learn More. If not the auto parts store will know which are the right ones for your vehicle. Over time, spark plugs lose their ability to provide a consistent spark, which can make your engine run roughly. 1/12-1/8 turn on plugs with a tapered seat. In the absence of this tool, the table below provides a generic guide to torquing a replacement plug based on the number of turns after the plug becomes finger-tight. Just remember a dab anti-seize on the plug threads and some de-electric grease on the tip connecting to the plug wire or coil plug. Step One. 2016 Magnetic Ford Focus ST ST3 Spark Plug for 2014 Ford Focus|CYFS-12Y-2 : Genuine Factory OEM Parts & Accessories | TascaParts.com These are our OEM plugs. Check here for special coupons and promotions. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The 2006 Ford shop manual (page 303-01A-4) calls for the following spark plug torque values: 12 Newton-meters 9 lb-ft The Motorcraft spark plug box (part AYSF-32Y-PC or SP490 for the 4-pack) calls for the following spark plug torque ranges: 25-30 Newton-meters At Ford Parts Center we have Genuine Spark Plugs for all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. Without a Torque Wrench: If a torque wrench is unavailable, finger tighten the spark plug, then use a plug wrench to tighten. Looking for torque specs on spark plugs for 2013 mustang with 3.7 v6. The table below lists the torquing specifications for most spark plugs being installed in either cast iron or aluminum cylinder heads. I did a plug change last night on my 2013 6.2 with 75,000 miles. My 2002 Ford Shop Manual shows plug torque to be 13 ft-lbs or 156 in-lbs. Curt, 2020 Ford Ranger STX DFI Turbo 2.3L 10 speed Auto, SSHS15 Southern Super Heavyweight Shootout, If this is your first visit, be sure to I think the gap will be on an emissions sticker somewhere under the hood. Electronic ignition system with coil-on-plug 4 ignition coils Timing Chain Oil pump is driven by a dedicated chain from a sprocket that drives the timing chain. SET (6) For IRIDIUM Power Spark Plugs IKH20 5344 3. price CDN$ 89. 99. What is the torque used for spark plugs on a 2009 Ford Focus SE 2.0L? The proper torque of a spark plug can only be achieved using a torque … It has the 3.0 DOHC V6 and I believe it has aluminum heads, so I assume the spark plug torque would be the same as my Marauder at 10-12 ft/lbs? Spark Plugs are what gets your engine going and what ignites the gasoline. If they have never been changed, I hope the plugs come out without too much trouble. 1/16 turn on plugs with a tapered seat. I have searched for a week and found nothing for this specific year. I don't know if Ford has since officially changed that spec or not... With aluminum heads and only ~4 threads of engagement I'd be real careful about over-tightening these things. Torque requirements vary greatly from engine to engine. If anti-seize compound is to be used, it should be applied sparingly because this could foul the plug and produce excessive carbon build-up on the threads, as well as give off fumes once the engine reaches operating temperature. If you are looking for the best Ford OEM Replacement Spark Plugs at the best price, order from our Ford Parts Center online catalog. When the plugs get old, stalling, starting trouble, and engine misfires can follow. check out the. Ford Focus Club ; Spark plug torque setting Posting in General Chat thread. Order Spark Plug for your 2012 Ford Escape and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Thanks, Curt If you're worried about them backing out pull the COPs and check them every couple of weeks. But you don't have to pay lots of money to have them replaced if you do it yourself. Autolite - For spark plugs with a gasket: 1/4 turn on 10mm plugs, 3/8 turn on 12mm plugs, 1/2 turn on 14mm and 18mm plugs. The owners manual lists the gap but not a torque. If you are inspecting and replacing an existing plug, be sure to use a wire brush to clean any debris from the plug's threads. I'm going to change spark plugs on my daughter's Ford Escape this weekend. Thanks for the tips. Clean threads will allow for a proper seal and maximum performance. Also, what the gap should be? Ford Expedition Forum. Thought I would post my notes and steps for everyone who takes on the Job in the future to have and hopefully make it easier for them. The use of anti-seize or thread lubricants will modify these values unpredictably, so read the product instructions carefully before proceeding. I was worried about the complexity after watching online videos on replacing the plugs in the 6-cylinder Edge engines as an awful lot … Come along as we show you how to replace your spark plugs on the SECOND generation Ford 3.5L & 3.7L Duratec V6 engines. Your spark plug is responsible for sending the electrical current from your ignition system to the combustion chamber of your Ford Escape's engine. How to change gasket (washer) style spark plug without torque wrench - (only if torque wrench can not be obtained) TIGHTENING by ANGLE. Install the new plug finger tight, and complete the installation with a torque wrench. SPARK PLUGS!!!! The first step required for proper torquing of a new replacement plug is to ensure you have clean thread surfaces. Can someone double check for me? 2012 Ford Escape Spark Plug Each 2012 Ford Escape spark plug kickstarts the combustion cycle to generate energy through the explosions of gas in the engine cylinders to move the vehicle. When in doubt, always check your engine manufacturer's literature. There is a discrepancy in the spark plug torque specification for the 2.3L I4. In this video, we're focusing on a 1.6L EcoBoost Escape. See the illustration above. Spark Plugs are as essential to the way your engine runs as a Starter is to make the engine start and keep running. If you have bad spark plugs, your Ford F-150 or F-250 Super Duty will begin to fail you. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35.00+. Spark Plugs. 00. Thank you in advance! Torque requirements vary greatly from engine to engine. When installing a new spark plug, always follow the instructions listed in the engine manufacturer's literature. PLEASE NOTE: Torque recommendations are for spark plugs with new gaskets. How to replace the spark plugs in a 2nd generation 2008-2012 Ford Escape SUV equipped with the Duratec 25 2.5 liter inline four cylinder engine with picture illustrated step by step instructions. I have been having a series of over heating issues with my 2014 ford escape. It is extremely important to never exceed the spark plug recommended installation torque. We are one of the largest OEM Motorcraft Spark Plug Online dealer in the nation and carry more inventory than anywhere else. Autolite - For spark plugs with a gasket: 1/4 turn on 10mm plugs, 3/8 turn on 12mm plugs, 1/2 turn on 14mm and 18mm plugs. When in doubt, always check your engine manufacturer's literature. Spark plug AYSF-32-YPC Spark plug gap 0.049-0.053 in Spark plug torque 106 IN/lbs Ignition coil bolts 71 IN/lbs. Improper torquing can lead to damage. If the spark plug gets too hot, it could ignite the fuel before the spark fires, so it's crucial to get the right type of Escape performance spark plug for your make and model. Without a Torque Wrench: If a torque wrench is unavailable, finger tighten the spark plug, then use a plug wrench to tighten. ... took it into Ford under warranty and they diagnosed a cracked spark plug and changed it. The proper torque of a spark plug can only be achieved using a torque wrench. Shop replacement Spark Plugs online today. 1/16 turn on plugs with a tapered seat. I've googled it and found .052-.056" for gap and 9-15 lb/ft for torque, but want to confirm those numbers before starting the work. Without a Torque Wrench: If a torque wrench is unavailable, finger tighten the spark plug, then use a plug wrench to tighten. We bought the Escape about a month ago with 104,000 on the clock. 1/2-2/3 turn on plugs with a gasket. If using anti-seize compound, use sparingly and reduce torque by 30%. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Yes I actually like to torque spark plugs. Ford F-150/F-250: How to Replace Spark Plugs. Care must be taken when torquing spark plugs, especially in softer aluminum cylinder heads.

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