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Unwanted. Arctic Breed Rescue is dedicated to the successful and appropriate rehoming of the three main arctic breeds (and their crosses) - Samoyed, Siberian Husky & Alaskan Malamute. Website. Who’s also 8... , Such a Beautiful Soul ❤❤ Skye, U R absolutely STUNNING & I hope/pray U find a loving, caring & nurturing furever home ❤. If (and only if) you meet all a dog's requirements, you are invited to submit an online application via the Arctic Rescue Victoria website. Yey, Bear is adopted! All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. While we were a part of AMRAA, we were seeing an increasing need for us to help with the foster and adoption of other arctic breeds. The results of the SavourLife Christmas in July donation project are in and we would like to say a huge thank you to SavourLife and all of our supporters for voting! ... See MoreSee Less, I get a tug toy shoved in my face several times a day. Get that cup of hot choc ready, it’s going to be another cold one! What a happy improvement, #featurefursdayMiss Minnie has got the wild energy and mischief of a Husky and the good old female Mallie independence and social skills!This beautiful girl loves her people, her cuddles and food. A self-funded rescue organisation, Arctic Breed Rescue promotes responsible pet ownership at all times. ... See MoreSee Less, Love seeing your stories. Develop strong relationships with shelters and pounds to improve outcomes for Arctic breeds entering these facilities. would love to fatten Nala and take care of her! Fix/Claim/Edit this org,…,…. Is it a bird? Cloudflare Ray ID: 60a70686ec821fef Get that cup of hot choc ready, it’s going to be another cold one!We haven't had many opportunities for fundraising this year and it would mean a lot if you could vote for us in SavourLife's $60,000 donation project.Please follow this link that takes you to the voting form where they'll take your input into how the donations are split between the 30 short-listed rescue groups!Thanks for those of you who have already voted!Much love, The ARV team xx ... See MoreSee Less. The team at Arctic Rescue Victoria Inc have been involved in dog rescue for a number of years. We don't have any paid staff so 100% of … Want, want, but not sure Bella would like to share us ☹️, Nathan Taylor Blaze’s matching pair well almost lol, Oh my goodness that face. Lookout! Love this, they are my Grand fur babies! Gus and Winston miss seeing you. Rescue, rehabilitate, and find suitable new homes for arctic breed dogs within Australia. Provide education, assistance and advice to the general public with regard to specific Arctic breed traits and requirements. We're Arctic Rescue Victoria Inc. (ARV), a small group of volunteers based in Melbourne. It’s so amazing what you do to help find homes where these beautiful pups can live a good life. Rescue, rehabilitate, and find suitable new homes for arctic breed dogs within Australia. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The Pakenham Hardware Hub staff made sure we could make our budget go really far in terms of quality and comfort too!Huge thanks for the donations of outdoor beds and kennels from the Warrandyte Business & Community Network and the Warrandyte Secondhand Page Facebook groups! Demi Joynson how much does he look like Ollie !! Choose what kind of donation you would like to make: ARV Life in Lockdown - training tips #weekendwisdoms #lifeinlockdown #dogtraning ... See MoreSee Less. First one of the #lifeinlockdown videos focuses on toys. ARV is a Community Foster Care Network (CFCN) that rescues, rehabilitates, and appropriately rehomes arctic breed dogs. , So exciting. Huge thanks to our amazing foster heroes xxx If you like the work we do, please vote for our rescue in this round of the SavourLife donation project. Pocket rocket Scout - this little girl has had some big scary changes in her short life lately.Her first 18 months of life were very sheltered and she had limited socialisation opportunities, so the world can be a bit intimidating for her. He has been enjoying heaps of human company, stalking neighbourhood cats and long walks in the park...Congrats to Bear and his new pack! We also aim to educate the community on Arctic breeds and promote responsible companion animal ownership. Arctic Rescue Victoria Inc. is a brand new not-for-profit organisation setup to assist with the re-homing, rescue and fostering of arctic breed dogs. . Jones says she is grateful to Victoria and Sully. We will be posting some helpful tips on how to make sure your dog gets enough physical as well as mental exercise and emotinal support that it needs to stay happy and healthy during the Stage 4 restrictions (and beyond). Clarinna and Frederik are the miracle foster heroes that have seen our post and applied at the right time and had the right experience and home environment to suit Nala's needs.We are so happy to report that Nala's physical and mental health has been improving greatly! So, when teaching a new behaviour or trick, phase them out quite quickly* consider using your dog's daily food rations instead of treats to make sure you don't overfeed * shaping and training little tricks is a fun way of teaching your dog how to learn and deal with a little frustration* Brushing up on basic obedience and working on some extra manners that we usually don't get time for like not barging through doors or not jumping up can establish better boundaries and great habits* crate training is invaluable in teaching your pups about down- and alone-time!For more information of some basic training and our recommended dog trainers around Melbourne head to our website:…Thanks for watching! Big thank you to our featured talent: Ford & Finn, Trev, Koda, Chico & BennyComment with any questions :)If you found the information useful, consider supporting ARV ... See MoreSee Less, Some great ideas for our Hachiko Stephan Dalta ❤️, The results of the SavourLife Christmas in July donation project are in and we would like to say a huge thank you to SavourLife and all of our supporters for voting! A lot of change, uncertainty, frustration.

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